Privacy Policy

  • Feabo considers the user's privacy very important. Consequently, the website takes data privacy seriously. It may collect and store general, non-identifiable information about pages that have been accessed, general geographic location, the device being used to access the website, the anonymous version of the IP address, and the address of the website that referred the user to this website.
  • This information will be used to protect the website and its user from spam, identity theft, viruses or illegal and harmful activities. The website will also collect any information provided directly by the user. The website will use an anonymous version of Google Analytics and Segment to collect and aggregate information about user behavior. Google may use this information to evaluate the website, compile reports, and provide other services about site activity and internet usage.
  • The website may periodically email information to users that the website believes is significant or important. By opening and maintaining an account on the website, the user agrees to receive administrative emails. The user can opt-out of non-administrative emails.
  • The website is a public site designed to make content publicly available. The user should assume anything posted on the website can be accessed by the public. Search engines may be able to see the content posted on the website and copy it or post it on other sections of the Internet that the website does not control.
  • The website uses cookies to enable servers to recognize web browser information. A user can turn cookie off of their web browser. However, if a user disables the cookie feature through their browser, the website may not function properly. The website stores its data on servers that are operated by third parties. A third party or the website may keep back-up of the data and codes used on the website.
  • Users and non users of the website are prohibited to take any actions that would compromise the privacy of the website, data, terms of use and the privacy of its users.
  • Feabo uses Google Maps API(s) and users of Feabo are bound by Google Privacy Policy.
  • We encourage our users to notify the website administration in any event that they encounter interference, unwanted bugs or security breaches. Users are invited to contact and notify the website of any suggestions, ideas, and assistance related to vulnerabilities and issues in the website's technology that they deem necessary.